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EPCS Gold, provides a Simple, Secure, and Certified solution for sending Controlled Substance prescriptions electronically. EPCS Gold is a Certified solution, and has passed stringent auditing requirements set by the DEA. It is a Simple solution that fits with your current e-prescribing workflow, and a Secure solution which uses Two-Factor Authentication Protocol (TFAP) throughout the product to ensure a high level of trust and security for you as a provider.

If you are not yet enrolled for EPCS Gold, please make sure you have your Invitation ID and two factor authentication token in hand as you start the Identity Proofing process. Your Invitation ID can be found in the email invitation that was sent to your email address. If you are already enrolled, please use your NPI number, the number that is currently showing on your One-time password token, and the password you setup during the identity-proofing process or enter the unique identifier for your biometric device to log-in to manage your tokens, and add a new token for prescribing.

For more information on EPCS Gold, the Identity-Proofing process, and how to manage your tokens, please click on the "Need Help" link below. If you have additional questions or need to contact us, visit us at help.drfirst.com

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